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Watching H.264 videos using DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) – Intel ClearVideo version

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This guide has now being depreciated by the one here. Just go to that page, follow every step and then elect to use method #5 – native DXVA decoding mode. It works exactly like the guide in the spoilered zone below.

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Reviews only full season(s) of anime series, and movies. Maybe a little bit of OVAs. Will put a two-point handicap on titles within the romance and sport genres.


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  • phyrigia says:

    is there any settings that would work for AMD Brazos Dual core C60 or its impossible?

    • ranpha says:

      Assuming that you use Vista or later, you can just use the native DXVA method shown above. Caveat: Only works with 8-bit H.264 videos, and it must have at least 512MB video memory.

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