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  1. Thanks for your wonderful guide ;)

    I have a lot of MP4 files (multiple resolution, codecs…) and in order to be able to reproduce all of them all madVR, i need a specific MP4 resolution-based profile. Also, i need a specific 2K-4K resolution-based profile.

    For this purpose, how well do you see this code?

    if (srcHeight < 720) or (fileName = “.avi”) “SD” else if ((fileName = “.mp4″) and (srcHeight <= 1080)) “MP4” else if ((fileName = “720p“) or (fileName = “1280×720“)) “HD”
    else if ((fileName = “1080p“) or (fileName = “1920×1080“)) “FullHD” else if (srcHeight > 1080) “2K-4K”
    // For release groups that does not tag their files with video resolutions.
    else if ((fileName = “[FFF]“) or (fileName = “[FBI]“) or (fileName = “[WhyNot]“) or (fileName = “[Commie]“) or (fileName = “[gg]“) or (fileName = “[Vivid]“)) “HD”
    else “FullHD”

        • For chroma upscaling, try just using Bilateral (old) instead of NNEDI3. Then use NGU standard (high) for luma doubling, and direct quadruple (medium) for luma quadrupling. Keep always supersampling enabled and see if you still have dropped frames or not.

          • Thanks again.

            I tried your conf. and the only way i don’t have dropped frames is if i uncheck “sharpen edges” (image enhacements) and “reduce ringing artifacts” (artifact removal).

            I even can put chroma upscaling 3 tap lanczos and normal chroma doubling without dropped frames.

            How important are those options (“sharpen edges” and “reduce ringing artifacts”)? It’s worth go ahead without those options in exchange i can use NGU?

            • i realize that “dithering” “Error Diffusion-option 1” and “smoth motion” “only if…” consume some capacity. There are 2 more option without i could get some resources, taking your advice.

  2. Hello Ranpha, I have a problem.

    Sometimes when I try to play a video, PotPlayer would show nothing (black empty page) with audio. I need to click Stop and then Play again, then my video will play normally.

    The problem is, after that I can’t use my keyboard on PotPlayer. The usual key that I use to fast forward or change volume doesn’t work. I can only use my mouse.

    To fix this, I need to restart my laptop, then my PotPlayer will go back to normal (I don’t need to click Stop and Play anymore).

    Do you have any idea what might cause this problem?

    Thank you for your time.

  3. Hello sorry if this is unrelated to your guide but I was wondering if there’s any settings in Nvidia control panel that might hinder PotPlayer/madVR performance? If so, which ones do I need to turn off?

    For instances in Radeon settings under “Video” tab, I always select “custom” preset and turn off all the video enhancement options (for example AMD Fluid Motion Video). I’ve made a screenshot of the tab: https://i.imgur.com/l5I5nje.jpg.

    I’ve recently moved from HD7950 to GTX1070 which I was wondering if Nvidia control panel have similar settings that might disturb PotPlayer playback.

    • Open nVidia CP, go to ‘Manage 3D settings’. go to ‘Global Settings’ tab and change ‘Power Management Mode’ from Optimal Power to anything but that.

      • Thank you. I’ve changed it to “adaptive mode”. Is there any other settings that needs to be tweaked? I can’t seem to find any video enhancement options like you find on Radeon settings. Sorry if I’m persistence I just want to make sure that nothing will hinder madVR’s performance.

  4. Please help me! I’ve downloaded and installed the new LAV filters with PotPlayer. The problem is that when I play movies it keeps using hard coded yellow subtitles which I don’t know how to remove. With the previous version I didn’t have that problem Please tell me how to remove them

  5. Hey man,

    Wonderful guide, I already love this player more so than MPC-HC, but one question. How do I remove the red anime girl as the startup image for PotPlayer?


  6. Hello Ranpha,

    I have Intel Core i7 7700HQ and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M on my laptop.

    For Hi10p playback, which LAV video decoder method works the best for my system?

    #1 High performance software decoding mode
    #4 Intel QuickSync decoding mode

    Thank you for writing this guide.

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