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  1. This latest edition of potplayer has really bad stuttering images on all of my mkv files. I tried uninstalling, running without custom profile, but the images contine to stutter. I have a ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 AMP Edition and selected the high end madvr presets. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

    • ranpha
      on 17th January 2017 at 9:31 pm said:
      4K display? Go to ‘All Programs —> LAV Filters —> Reset madVR Configuration’, then download this settings.bin file and put it into the C:\Program Files (x86)\LAV Filters\x64\madVR folder.

      This fixed the problem again….why does this keep happening with new builds? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hey ranpha, thank you for the guide. You’ve solved quite a few issues I had with multi-display, multi-gpu setup.

    I’ve got an interesting problem you might have encountered in your travels. I get a black screen if I play videos without a size change. That is, if I open a show in potplayer and it goes to 720p, it’ll render perfectly. If I drag another video into the window, and it it’s also 720p, and the window doesn’t change size, it will be a black screen. The audio will play for about 60 seconds, then it’ll freeze. If I resize the window at all during the black screen, it’ll suddenly start rendering and catch up all the video to the audio.

    It’s a rather frustrating issue on an otherwise perfect setup.

    • I know this bug, this is a PotPlayer-specific bug, and not madVR. You can try to mitigate this problem by going to PotPlayer’s ‘Playback’ section and change the ‘Default Window Size’ pulldown menu to ‘Vido Output Size’.

      • Ah thank you. I tried just about every setting for MadVR and it didn’t make a lick of difference. I’ll use that, thanks.

  3. hi ranpha… really appreciate your great work. just updated the latest version.


    may I ask how to edit or disable the 2nd subtitle. I already try changing the Advance setting on LAV Splitter still no luck. I notice only the .srt file is causing the problem. the .ass and .sub type of file are working fine.

          • The subtitle are external. I think maybe the potplayer and the LAV both rendering the subtitle. I tried to off the Advance setting on LAV splitter but the subtitle still showing. I cant resize or resync them. I can only change the subtitle on the potplayer.
            I notice that only “.srt” type of file are causing this problem. I tried videos with embedded subtitles and “.ass” subtitles are working fine. So my only solution right now is to change the extension from “.srt” to “.ass” or “.sub”.
            This is not a serious problem, just wondering is there a way to hide the other subtitle.

                • Hmm… I seem unable to repeat the problem with your .srt file, it displays perfectly here. Is your video file already has internal subtitle track in it, and what is your video’s file extension? (mkv or mp4 or avi).

                  What you can try for now is:-
                  * Download the latest installer above.
                  * Install it.
                  * Then uninstall it.
                  * Install it again.
                  * Then uninstall it again.
                  * Install it again and see if the problem is still there or not.

                  • No. The video doesnt have an internal subtitle and I tried many type of file extension including mkv,mp4 and avi.

                    I tried to install then uninstall a few times, then subtitle is working back to normal. I think maybe there nothing wrong to the program, just some minor error during installation.

                    Thank you for taking your time to solve my problem.

  4. Hello ranpha. May I ask how I can get the small edition of PotPlayer (with the equalizer visualization) when playing back audio files? I am referring to the one that appears by default on PotPlayer when playing audio-only files.

    Thank you in advance.

  5. Hi Ranpha, the Lowest/DXVA preset generates a lot of crashes and hangs with a Radeod RX 250 with this version fo drivers:

    Versión de configuración de Radeon – 2016.1121.1657.30480
    Versión del paquete de controladores – 16.40.2311.1002-161121a-309377E
    Proveedor – Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    Versión de controlador 2D –
    Direct3D® Version –
    OpenGL® Version –
    OpenCL™ Version –
    Versión AMD Mantle –
    Versión de API AMD Mantle – 98310
    Versión del controlador de audio de AMD –
    Vulkan™ Driver Version – 1.3.0
    Vulkan™ API Version – 1.0.21

    with restored personal profile i got no crashes or hangs.

  6. Hey Ranpha,

    When I reinstalled the newer version of compiled exe. I selected the madvr preset for your settings since I use a GTX1080/2500k@4.6GHz. with a 1440p monitor.

    It works fine for videos until I fullscreen them in which the GPU goes to 100% and I start dropping frames. Which of the settings should I change to fix this.

  7. Hi, thanks for the guide. I followed it to the letter but all videos keep “stuttering” during moving scenes. I tried almost all combinations of the different scaling algorithms in madVR, but I can’t get rid of it. Here’s a screenshot of my setup:


    I don’t know anything about this stuff, so I don’t even know if those algorithms are even the problem. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  8. Hey ranpha, just updated from my amd card to a gtx 1080 and have some questions.

    My installation was done with the medium preset option selected. Is there a way to switch over to high? If reinstalling is the solution is there a way to maintain settings? Potplayer/windows decoder/splitter selection etc
    With the geforce experience overlay enabled, it seems that if i open a WVC1 file, the video stays as a black screen, attempting to seek anywhere results in the player freezing up. Seek bar preview screen seems to work fine. Any ideas?

    And thanks again for this guide!

    • Edit: Sorry, ignore the part about the WVC1 file. Having trouble narrowing down what works and what doesn’t. Tested AVC1 files with mixed results. I’m guessing that the the geforce experience overlaying is causing conflict when trying to hookup potplayer. Can’t seem to find out why some videos are working while others aren’t though. Any thoughts on this? I’d like to fix it and continue using geforce experience if possible.

      Forgot to add that if i fullscreen exclusive is enabled, the video works fine when i am able to enter fullscreen right at the start. And in that state where the video is playing fine, i can exit fullscreen without any issues. This seems reinforce the idea that the problem lies with the conflict mentioned.

      • Download this archive file, it has all the presets in the current installer. To switch to high preset, reset madVR settings (Start Menu —> All Programs —> LAV Filters —> Reset madVR Configuration), then copy the settings.bin file from the ‘highend-nVidia’ folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\LAV Filters\x64\madVR folder.

        Also try switching to Direct9 mode in madVR and enable overlay mode and see if you still has problems with Geforce Experience.

        • Lovely stuff coming from you as usual :D

          Simply enabling overlay mode worked out just fine. I can’t believe that i totally missed that option on the screen when looking through :/ My bad…

          Thanks again!

  9. hey man, great work as always, this is the guide I always follow.
    I bought a new pc, 6600k Asus Z170 pro gaming, corsair 8gb 3000mhz and a MSI RX 480 8gb,
    I tried to play a H.265/HEVC 2160p episode of a serie and I had low fps, as obvously dropped frames, my display is an LG 24MP68 75hz freesync, I can play the file well if I change the image downscaling to DXVA, my question is should i use something different? Also I put here some prints of my settings, and if you can, are my setting well configured. Thx :)


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