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  1. Hi Ranpha, I have a nitro sapphire rx 480 8 mg, i see i am running at mid 90 to 100% of gpu. Playback is fine but i saw where you recomended to download the bin file to another party whose GPU was running at a high percent. I am using the setting for rx480, If i need to download the bin file how do i implement once downloaded.

  2. Hey Ranpha,
    Thanks on your files and the constant updates :-)
    I have a new laptop MSI, with 16GB ram, GTX 1060 card, inernal graphics card Intel HD530, Screen is 4k@60fps

    I use a range of videos from 480p to 4k videos.

    I have been trying to get the right config for the files, usually upto 1080p-files are playing seamlessly but above that, huge tearing of image among other things.
    I have tried many settings, upon your guide and yet-I’m not able been able to hit my optimum view settings :-\

    Please guide as to the settings or plan installation info that needs to be sorted!


  3. Ranpha, i have a nitro sapphire 480 8 mg which hardware decoder should i use. Also my subtitles are huge, have looked all over but cant figure out how to reduce font size thanks

    • You can use DXVA copy-back with your GPU.

      As for the subtitle problem, you should download the latest installer above, then install it, then manually uninstall it, then install it again and uninstall it, then install it one last time and then see if the problem is still there or not.

  4. Hi ranpha,
    Why you rename MPC-HC and PotPlayer?
    What are the limitations imposed by AMD/Nvidia?
    I use your installer but I even install normal PotPlayer version, so the name of the executable is PotPlayerMini.exe. This name is even present in Windows registry. Should I have a performance decrease?

  5. Hi Ranpha,

    I just upgraded my TV to a 4K model ( LG OLED55B6P ) and receiver ( Onkyo TX-RZ-810b). I am getting jittery feedback with the current install as well as with the sepatrate bin file that you had me use before. Please advise. Thanks

  6. The new “NGU Anti-Alias” algo (madVR 0.91.6) works amazingly well with animes.
    The new stable PotPlayer build has some helpful fixes.

  7. Hey ranpha,

    Thanks for your guide! The explanations were helpful. I was hoping you could help me out with a problem I’m having related to madVR on potplayer. I can get madVR running just fine on the first video of a session (ep X), but if I open the next episode (ep Y) without closing potplayer, madVR immediately closes while opening ep Y. I’ve tried reinstalling madVR with no success, so I wonder if I’m overlooking a potplayer setting.

      • Nope, potplayer works just fine and remains playing the second episode. It actually took me a while to notice something was wrong because of that. My madVR sys tray icon closes, and it’s nowhere in task manager when the second episode launches. For the sake of providing extra details, I’m using the x64 potplayer. madVR closes both in fullscreen and windowed.

        Thanks for the reply, I do appreciate the help.

        • PotPlayer still works OK when playing the second episode? If that’s the case, when PotPlayer plays the second episode, can you right-click the video area. go to ‘Filters’ menu and make a screenshot of the playback filter chain?

          • Good call, didn’t even think to do that! https://i.imgur.com/LZEEbzR.png, madVR isn’t there on the second episode, while it is on the first. I looked through the settings in potplayer but didn’t notice anything that I could see that might be causing it.

                  • Bah, I should have included it in the start, apologies. I tried the installer you provided, and was having severe performance issues regardless of settings (I’m i5-3750k+8gb 480, was losing upwards of 3 frames every second) so I installed vanilla potplayer and madvr by hand and tweaked everything else according to your guide. I’ll try a reinstall of potplayer and play around with it, I assume your site should remain focused on your bundled installer.

                    • Update: Well I’ll be damned, I decided to give the bundled lav filters another shot and it seems to work just fine now! Must have been a botched download/install the first time.

                      Thanks for all the help Ranpha, I do appreciate it. I cant think of any real way to show my appreciation other than to take a look at more of the site than this tutorial, so I plan on doing just that :P

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