3,536 comments on “Watching H.264 (and other) videos using Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) or DXVA2 (DirectX Video Acceleration) native/renderless or Intel QuickSync Decoder or high performance software decoding

  1. There were a lot of updates recently of poptlayer, mpc-hc, reclock and mpdn. :)
    Still no x64 build of reclock or new madVR release. :(
    And the new mpdn extensions pack is quite buggy for now. :(

  2. Hello there,

    I just made some intensive tests with MPDN and I am in love.
    The SSimSuperRes algorithm and its ReClock plugin are perfect!
    I had stutterings with madVR and it’s perfectly smooth with MPDN.

    I was wondering why MPDN is the default choice in your installer.
    Now I know! It’s the best player I have ever used.

    I have some suggestions for the pack to make it even better:
    – An option to enable FluidMotion for MPDN.
    – An option to enable ReClock for MPDN.
    – Maybe a selection of MPDN presets in the installer like madVR.

  3. I’ve Radeon RX480 and after installing the latest drivers potplayer and MPC suspend the system while viewing full screen. For drivers 16.7.3 everything is working properly. I could not even enable MadVR…

  4. I’m using MadVR mid-end preset for GPU GTX 760. It works super fine for 1080p movie, 4k youtube video but struggles badly for 11th test video: Samsung SUHD demo video – Colorful Food. Why ? Would you please help me change madVR configuration just a little bit cause I don’t want to install the low-end preset. Thank you.

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