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  1. Hi, I have gtx 970 which should have hybrid/partial HEVC decoding.
    So how do I turn it on in MPC-HC or PotPlayer and how can I check if it’s actually being used ?
    I tried selecting DXVA both native and copy back and CUDA in LAV filters and HEVC is checked, but I don’t notice any difference and like I said I don’t know how to check it. Looks like all the work is done by CPU whatever I try.

    • In LAV Video Decoder property page, use Method 2 decoding method mentioned above, and make sure HEVC check box is enabled. Also use DXVA Checker and make sure ‘HEVC_VLD_Main’ mode is exposed by the GPU driver.
      This will not work with 10-bit videos like the 11th test video above.

      • Well that part about not working with 10-bit videos was the problem. Looks like most HEVC encodes are also 10-bit so hybrid decoding seems even more useless then it already is. :-(

  2. Heyo, I downloaded your latest LAV pack (the march 25th one). However, my nvidia display driver crashes when playing upscaled 480p. I dont know if you remember me, but I have 780ti and 1440p monitor and used similar madvr settings (resolution based).

    Any clue on whats going on? Nvidia drivers are up to date.

        • Im using x86 btw for reclock.

          Installed with CUDA decoding: Crash after 15 mins, but recovers.
          Installed with Software Decoding: Crash and restarted whole pc. This is worse

          I think I will go back to an older version.

          Just to be sure, to enable software decoding, I just select none under LAV Video right?

        • The issue is madvr. I lowered the settings and the playback worked fine.

          I think I will try a different version of madvr

          • Tried that and it didnt work.

            Honestly, I dont know what happened. Everything worked great until I did the most recent update. Shits been crashing eversince march 25th. I upgraded the nvidia driver two days ago to see if it would help, but it did nothing. Previous driver I was on was from January 2016

            I tested some 720p videos and they crashed the driver now too. So both 480p and 720p crash.

            I dont know what to do anymore

            • I think you have to forgo the x86 build and Reclock, to use x64 and Smooth Motion instead. What is your GPU and what madVR preset did you use?

              • What is smooth motion?

                GPU: EVGA 780ti Classified
                madvr: mid level preset

                BUT I used to be able to play 480p videos no problem with chroma upscaling at NNEDI-32, and image doubling the same

                • Smooth motion is available at madVr’s ‘rendering —> smooth motion’ section. The mid-level preset should have that enabled already.

                  I cannot replicate the problem you have here. I also has 780 Ti and used the 364.72 drivers. Using mid-end and high-end preset with SD 480p videos does not cause crashes at all. I think it is something in your system, especially if your computer hard crash when using software decoding.

                • Ok few things.

                  I’ve noticed that madvr settings for some 480/720/1080 files work great but then dont work on other files of same resolution.

                  What Im saying is that, I have to fine tune settings each time I play a different file even though same resolution. Example, Gintama Season 1 is 480p and can handle nnedi32 for chroma and everything. But when I switch to Tales of Phantasia 480p, shit hits the fan. So i have to lower the settings greatly. I dont know why maybe encoding issue or something

                  Second the latest drivers from NVIDIA have had many people complaining. Just Google “nvidia 364.72” and you will see lots of complaints.

                  One of the issues reported is a kernel driver crash, which is the problem I was having while watching.

                  I am in the process of rolling back drivers.

                  • Reinstalling old drivers did the trick. Ran through a few shows no issues besides minor adjustments being made to Tales.

                    Im on driver 358.87 and i did switch to x64 LAV/MPC/madVr

                    I also updated madVr to v0.90.17. Everything else was from your pack.

                    This whole thing was so dumb because the display driver was crashing ever since I updated the LAV Filters. Like I said before, I updated the nvidia driver because I thought that it might help. But it made it worse.

                    Still pissed that I have to change madvr settings for each show even if they have the same resolution.

                    Conclusion: Something with the new LAV pack for x86 and x64 conflicts with nvidia drivers 361.75 and 364.72

                    • Nope, still on windows 8.1. I plan to go to windows 10 once I get some decent time.

                      Unrelated: Just looked at your recent anime review, and read that you were sick during the holidays. I hope you are doing better now! I feel bad now cause I was pestering you with questions about this stuff around then too…

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