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    • I don’t know why ranpha is still using MPC-HC, PotPlayer and MPDN for his pack?
      MPC-BE is much more better but you should maybe use mpv/smplayer as they are in intensive development.

      The MPC-BE developer added support for streams and it works with youtube-dl.
      “C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\youtube-dl.exe” -o – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOkQ4T5WO9E | “C:\Users\Admin\Desktop\MPC-BE.\mpc-be64.exe” –

      • MPC-BE is definitely not that better than MPC-HC, except for the skin. If skins is really that imprtant, then PotPlayer foot-stomps on MPC-BE easily. If youtube-dl support is needed (MPC-HC, PotPlayer can already opens Youtube links), MPDN can also do it via.

        • MPC-BE supports youtube-dl and yes MPDN too.
          However PotPlayer and MPDN are over bloated and closed source!

          • PotPlayer can be slimmed down as done in the installer. Plus, it is also under heavy development with constant development too, I used to ship with beta builds, but because it changes constantly, I don’t bother anymore. MPDN, even with binary extensions is just as light as mpv is.

            • Youtube-dl support is my primary feature and mpv is the only one player with a correct support! MPDN is constantly freezing/optimizing things and winform gui is awful, bloated and bugged. Mpv performs fucking well with windows and deprecated/unsupported gpu wtih its angle backend that has now a way to disable DirectComposition for poor hardware like these intel/amd hybrid laptops.

              • There are no widely-known problem with MPDN GUI, do you have any citations for that? Contrary to what you said, MPDN video renderer works just as well with deprecated iGPUs like Intel HD3000. youtube-dl support with MPDN works just as well as it does with MPC-BE, because both use piping.

                • Winform has massive issues with windows 10 and DPI scaling.
                  I didn’t say MPDN doesn’t work well with poor hardware, just wondering why MPDN/PotPlayer over mpv.

                  • You are using iGPU with 4K displays that is smaller than 40″? Did you see the same problem with PotPlayer too?
                    Why PotPlayer/MPDN over mpv? Because there are no compelling reasons really to use it over those two players. Youtube support? Both has them. DPI-awareness program? PotPlayer has it covered.

    • If you want to keep your settings, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\LAV Filters\x64\madVR then backup the ‘settings.bin file. Then after installing a new version, the first thing you do is to restore the .bin file back to the said folder. Do not open the video player or madVR configuration first.

  1. Could you provide me a screenshot comparison that proves your high preset is better than just using jinc scalers on live action movies?
    A lot of people on htpc forums, doom9 and 4chan can’t stop saying that nnedi3, superres and doubling are messing picture with artefacts.
    Thank you very much for your regularly updated installer.

  2. Got some problems again.

    I updated to Windows 10 and everything works smoothly except when playing two files. Both are 1920 x 1040 but drop frames like crazy under FullHD profile settings.

    My settings are pretty close to yours, but I changed NNEDI 32 to NNEDI 64 for 1080p videos only. All my other 1080p videos play no problem, it is just these two files.

    Any clue of what is the issue?

    • Is there a way to disable madvr? Because this problem is occurring even with the official blurays.

      Really weird though because the blurays are proper 1920 x 1080p. The encode had black bars cropped thus 1040 i guess.

      superxbr works fine though. Is there another alternative to NNEDI in Chroma upscaling?

      • It happens because your GPUI cannot handle NNEDI3 supersampling with those cropped 1080p videos. You have to use super-xbr or NEDI then. BTW, if you upgraded to Anniversary Update, reinstall your drivers.

        • No, i didnt update to Anniversary.

          NEDI? I dont see that option for Chroma upscaling.
          I see it in Image doubling, but i have that off.

          • If that’s the case you may also have to all features you may have enabled in ‘upscaling refinement’ section and see if you can still use NNEDI for chroma upscaling.

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