3,158 comments on “Watching H.264 (and other) videos using Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) or DXVA2 (DirectX Video Acceleration) native/renderless or Intel QuickSync Decoder or high performance software decoding

  1. “The sharpness of the algorithm used in chroma upscaling section should not exceed the sharpness of the algorithm used in the luma section. It could be the same, but not exceed it.”

    What is luma section?

  2. Why are you promoting proprietary crappy software?
    This is a serious question, can’t understand people like you.

    The mpdn development is almost dead, you shoud remove it from your setup.
    There are so many bugs and it become useless compared to madvr.

    Except the new useless downscaler and the weird super resolution algorithms, mpv has everything.
    It’s open source, cross-platform and very efficient media player.
    Its lua api, custom shaders and vapoursynth support make it very configurable.

    Your setup is pretty useless because the madvr settings gui is hard to automate.

    • The only MPDN major problem is lack of features, such as pan-and-scan, localizations, customize keyboard shortcuts et. al. Bugs in the player itself are rare. It also has more features than madVR such as explicit supersampling (you can image quadruple a 1080p video with a 1080p display if you want) and granular super-res upscaler configuration.

      And what do you mean madVR settings GUI is hard to automate? If you know C++/Delphi, read the documentation in the developers\interfaces folder and you can automate away as you wanted it to be. The likes of DSPlayer and dispcalGUI has already done so, you should be able to do the same too.

  3. Could you set VSFilter/DirectVobSub as subtitle renderer for the low-end preset?
    Could you set DVXA2 (copy-back) as hardware decoder for the low-end preset?
    Could you re-enable LumaSharpen in image enhancements for the low-end preset?

    It would be the perfect preset for any low-end laptops and netbooks.

    • For the first two options, especially the second one, that will not be done because they are not part of madVR options.
      As for the third one, I’ll do that one in the next version of the installer.

      • I think we can export LAV Filters Video settings as a .reg file.
        This is the same for MPC-HC, you can export settings as a file, one with default subtitle renderer and one with xy-vsfilter.

  4. Xy-vsfilter is constantly crashing on my machine. :(
    Why kodi (with hwdec) uses only 30% of my cpu when mpc-hc (with hwdec) use more than 80%?

      • Problem solved with this build (4 February 2016). :D
        No more crashes with xy-vsfilter, I think it was a lavfilters issue.

        I tested with these two files on a 1080p monitor and with DVXA2 (copy-back):
        – Lia – Tori no Uta long version.mkv
        – haruhi_suzumiya_no_yuutsu_hare_hare_yukai.mkv

        And I am sure you can increase the low-end preset a little. Sorry for the trouble.
        I can handle spline36 as chroma upscaler (bicubic too) with LumaSharpen easily.
        My maximum average rendering time was 24-28ms, this is pretty comfortable.
        With debanding I have too much dropped frames even at low.

        I made some tests with MPDN too.
        I set None for Render Script and remove all anti-ringing filters in default scalers.
        I also set Render Performance as Image Quality and disable Fluid Motion.
        The Decoder Queue decreased and stalled all the time.
        I think it is because the lavfilters are launched twice. Why? I don’t know.


        • Oh boy, I see that two sets of icons appears too with the Tori no Uta video. It may have to do with the fact that that video has two distinct video streams. May have to ask whether this can be fixed by the MPDN developer.

  5. Any updates soon?
    Are your creating new madVR presets?
    What’s your opinion about the new MPDN?

    Keep it going, it’s awesome.

    • There are no new presets, I only modify them to accomodate new changes and feedback. Only the high-end preset use the SSIM downscaler.
      There are no new MPDN version, only the extensions (SSIM) which has been updated in the installer above.

  6. What do you think about SSimDownscaler and Bicubic150 for downscaling?
    I really like SSimDownscaler for 4K -> 1080p.
    But I am not crazy enough to get 4K contents for watching it on my Full HD monitor!
    LumaSharpen in this context is very too sharp!

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